Meet Us

We feel that sometimes it is useful to know a little bit about the team behind the website.

From the early days of this website, it is now under new ‘stewardship’, but with far more experienced members on board. All of us have experience in matched betting, and making money from eBay and the likes, so we have some good, grounded people on board.

Allow us to tell you just a little bit about the authors on this website, a little bit of our background, as well as an image that looks vaguely ‘similar’ to our true life appearance 🙂

Firstly we have Richard (That’s me writing this)

Richard Profit MatcherMy experience comes from running a fair few internet business. Starting with eBay I now have an Amazon business also. In fact when I started on eBay I would scan local charity shops and resell anything I could find.

I grew what I would call a ‘knack’ for being able to pick things up cheaply and knowing what would sell. I also visited a fair few carboot sales where I sourced much of my stock.

Those early days of carboot sales are not really around anymore. Sure, you still have carboots, but they are few and far between now, mainly because eBay came along and made it easy to buy online at good prices, and now the internet has picked up, it made carboot sales a scarce commodity.

I then started a few online websites, and started dropshipping products.

This is where you have what is essentially a wholesaler who is willing to send the products directly to your buyers, so again, this was on eBay, where I could literally list 1000’s of products without having to pay for any inventory in advance, because the wholesaler did it all for me.

Happy days, and although it was great in the beginning, just like carboot sales, it has almost died out now, almost to the point where there are not really that many people dropshipping in the UK, because the likes of Amazon, eBay and a few other websites mean it is now difficult to get the stock at the prices low enough to be able to resell them on for a profit.

I think the internet has changed as far as the ‘usual’ places to make a profit from.

Then I started matched betting and made around £18,000 profit in my first year (yes seriously), and that has paid for a few bits, and bobs as well as given me a good stable position to see what else is out there.

I love fishing with my brothers, as well as going out with friends and socialising.

Then we have Nicola

Nicola Profit MatcherNow I have known Nicola since we were both younger, as strangely enough we went to the same primary school, but different secondary schools, and it was only on a night out around 2 years ago we actually met again, as she moved away to University.

Nicola has a degree in Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering, which I am not even going to pretend to know what that is, andshe has only vaguely mentioned it during our many nights out since we hooked up again (no, not in that way, she is far too feisty for me…), but she tells me that she just didn’t get the ‘breaks’ she had anticipated when she left Uni, and started to look around online at what potential opportunities were out there for her.

Now I mentioned Nicola is ‘feisty’, and that is probably an understatement she won’t thank me for, but Nicola is the type of person that if somebody else is ‘thinking it’, Nicola will just come out and ‘say i’t, which is one of the many traits I really like about her. No nonsense.

She is now engaged to be married later this year (her other half Adrian is a great bloke, but he will have a lot to put up with…. did I really just say that out loud?…). Her reviews in particular should be very interesting.

Seriously though, Nicola is a great person and well versed in online business also, because she has also run internet businesses, and an eBay business where she was selling childrens’ toys on a grand scale. When I say  grand scale, she was and still is turning over well over £100K a year in her business, so knows the mechanics of such a business extremely well.

Like myself, Nicola has also made some good money in matched betting, as well as helping her mum and dad, who run a very successful market stall in her home town, which is a ladies fashion business. I say ‘very successful’ as they are retired (fairly early, and have staff running the market stall) have a villa in Spain, and a huge house here in the UK, so if that is not success I don’t know what is.

Now this Leads me to Andrei

Andrei Profit MatcherAndrei is actually a trained accountant, but hates the job he is in. He started straight from college where he did an apprenticeship with his local council as an accountant.

Andrei had a car before most of my mates (he is the same age as me, and we have known each other basically our whole lives), and always had more money than the rest. In fact at one stage where he was ‘peed off’ with his job he simply took 6 months off work due to his rather large bank balance.

But, what Andrei does know about is trading, he is ‘well up’ on trading Forex and other financial markets, as well as is a fairly good Betfair trader. He tells me he is ‘excellent’, and although I have seen his impressive Betfair P&L account which is always in profit, he does not speak about it that much.

A very interesting man (or boy, when he had had a few, as he gets a bit lively), and will be a great addition to any reviews regarding financial products, tipsters, trading or anything on that side of things. He is a numbers man who knows how to use them, probably too intelligent for his own good sometimes, but we all have a mate like that, don’t we? Or is it just me, haha.

Andrei also spent 2 months travelling around Euope on his own recently. And when I say on his own, I mean just that, he literally just packed his bags and went through the Euro Tunnel and we didn’t hear from him for 2 months; staying in hostels and basically just seeing a bit of the world on his own. Not many people would do that.

But like I say, a great additional to the team, and between the three of us, and maybe a few extras in the future, we are  easily experienced enough to know what to look for when seeking out those income generation products that we are all seeing on a daily basis.

As the internet grows, and continues to grow, we are sure to be seeing some really wild claims about what is possible. It is not as bad as it used to be, with many of our American friends trying to dupe all and sundry with ‘global product launches’, and the likes, but there is still much to look into, to research, to test, and to review.

And this is what we will be doing. We look forward to conversing with you all 🙂