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Profit Squad Review on Their Matched Betting Service

​​​Profit Squad is a matched betting service that offers its users a variety of different ways of carrying out matched betting. It is operated by a fairly experienced team who aim to provide the best possible bets for users.

​As you know there are now many matched betting operators in this market, so we need to find out what the differential is, if any.


​​Profit Squad is something of a relatively new kid on the block when it comes to matched betting having only launched ​around 2 years ago. This doesn’t however seem to have slowed the team behind it and in fact, they do some things a little differently to other matched betting services as a result.

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​As I have ​mentioned already, Profit Squad is based around matched betting (something that I will look at in detail for those who aren’t aware what this is).

The team behind Profit Squad update the offers daily and generally work to update them through the day. This is familiar territory so far. I will now look in detail at some of the things that make Profit Squad stand out however.

​The most immediate thing that I have noticed about Profit Squad is that they have an entire section dedicated to new bettors. This isn’t just training etc. but also covers all the introductory offers that the various bookies have in place.

 This means that when you sign up for Profit Squad, you immediately get help to hit the ground running, mostly because the introductory offers from bookies tend to be the big ones.

Another rather unique feature of Profit Squad is the Daily Calendar.

This is a very neat feature which compiles all of the potentially profitable bets that are available. These are then presented with full instructions on how to take advantage of them. This also includes links to any relevant training that you might need before progressing.

What is really standout about this however is that Profit Squad show you the estimated value of a bet as well as the guaranteed profit potential. This allows those who prefer bigger bets to filter out small change bets that might eat into your time.

Outside of these features, Profit Squad comes with everything that you would expect from a matched betting service. There is a comprehensive training suite in place to help you get going and improve your understanding of matched betting.

This is also bolstered by a support team who are always on call. Profit Squad also features a profit tracker which allows you to monitor your performance as a bettor. Ultimately, this can help you to become more efficient with your time and money.

How does ​​Profit Squad Work?

There isn’t anything that says what exactly the criteria for identifying a bet for Profit Squad involves, however I have a feeling from looking at it that it simply has to be profitable.

Joking aside, the team behind Profit Squad clearly work hard and the bets that are available is a constantly growing number. In fact, some days may see in excess of 40 bets added to the Profit Squad calendar.

In terms of what matched betting actually is, there is actually a video on the sales page for Profit Squad that explains much better than I can, but I will offer a brief explanation.

When you use matched betting, you take advantage of free bets to bet in such a way that no matter what the outcome of an event is, you have backed a winner.

Where it is profitable is that in using bookmaker offers, you aren’t really betting with your money as such.

How Much Does Profit Squad Membership Cost?

When you get started with Profit Squad, there is a full trial of the service with no restrictions. This costs you just £1 and will allow you to trial Profit Squad for 14 days. During this period, the sales material for Profit Squad suggests that you can make up to £500.

Once you have trialled Profit Squad, then there is a monthly membership. This is priced at £18 per month.

Profit Squad has a free trial

​It is probably recommended that you start with the 14 day free trial, see how you get on, and exactly what is offered, and then you can migrate to the monthly option at a later date.

Profit Squad also used to offer a yearly membership for £99, but that seems to have been removed from their website, although it is highly likely this will, and could be offered as an upsell at some point to free trial members.

I would be surprised if it wasn't.

​What ​Kind Of Profits Are Available on Profit Squad?

Websites these days are not really allowed to state the level of profits that can be achieved, as the Advertising Standards Authority are very strict on this these days

I know that they used to advertise that you could make between £500 and £2,000 per month, but most matched betting services are now restriction from advertising profits.

The fact is though, that providing that the service is giving you the correct tools, and are providing a regular update of offers, then you should be making a regular profit.

But nothing is guaranteed anymore, as bookmakers are restricting accounts far more than they used to. I will write a few more words on that later on.

​What Tools Are Offered on Profit Squad?

As I have touched on above, the tools that each matched betting service offers, is almost critical to your success.

All these services offer the basics, or at least they should do, including daily offers, but what really matters, which is just as important, is the instructions and additional tools that members can use to make their lives much easier when trying to carry out the generation of profits.

Here are a few of the features that Profit Squad offers to their members:

Comprehensive Training Area
Learn all of the secrets to cashing in free bets and making a consistent profit, day after day.

Powerful Oddsmatching Software
Save time & let us find all the top bets for you in real time.

Daily Calendar Offers
Just login every morning, to see how much money you will be making today.

Exclusive tools
Tools allow you to better manage your bets & track your wagers.

Long term strategies
They show you how people are making 4 figures each month and make it as easy as possible to help you achieve the same.

Unlimited Support
Profit Squad claim to offer all the support you need on a 1-2-1 basis.

Unlimited Support
Profit Squad claim to offer all the support you need on a 1-2-1 basis.

​​Conclusion of ​Profit Squad

As I have already touched upon, the fact that Profit Squad is a bit of a late player actually has allowed for the team to create what I would possibly consider to be one of the “purer” options when it comes to matched betting.

What I mean by this is whilst there is plenty of training and support on offer, Profit Squad as a whole feels very to the point, namely making money. This is something that is demonstrated in the calendar that you can use. It shows you what to bet, where to bet and how much you can earn. It’s all very no nonsense.

I also really like that there is a whole section dedicated to sign up bonuses. This allows for those who are new to matched betting to really get to grips with the procedure and most importantly, quickly build capital.

I mentioned earlier about bookmakers closing and limiting accounts, and promised to touch upon this again, so I will.

Matched betting, in our opinion, has definitely peaked, and there are now far more conditions attached by bookmakers for their new customers to adhere to when trying to extract the bonuses that they offer.

It has also become far more common, that when a bookmaker suspects that you are taking advantage of all the offers, then they are now systematically limiting the size of bets you can make, as well as closing people's accounts down.

At the end of the day, bookmakers are a business, with shareholders and are now more active than ever in trying to reduce the payouts of bonuses than ever before, and that is the same if you are using Profit Squad as your matched betting vehicle, or any other service.

So just be aware of that.

With all of this in mind, Profit Squad is definitely one of the strongest competitors in the market for matched betting. Whilst I wouldn’t like to say which of them is “best”, this is definitely up there.



  • Established ​website
  • Decent past results being shown
  • ​30 Day Money back guarantee
  • Decent tools provided to members
  • ​Support offered
  • ​Money back guarantee offered
  • ​No contracts
  • ​Free Trial Offered


  • ​Limited detail given on website
  • ​​Quite a high monthly subscription cost compared to some
  • ​​The fact that matched betting has peaked

​Where to Purchase ​Profit Squad?

​For More Details Visit The Website Below: ​

Profit Squad Review
  • 70%
    Time in Business - 70%
  • 70%
    Matched Betting Tools - 70%
  • 70%
    Price - 70%
  • 65%
    Value For Money - 65%


Profit Squad is an online matched betting service that provides bookmaker offers for you, which saves you having to look for them, and they also provide various tools that make the whole process easier for their members to make a profit.

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