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About Profit Matcher, and How We Started


Many of our older readers will know that we, as a website, have been around a few years now.

When we started the website, we offered a quality matched betting service that did rather well initially, although as the market started to grow we sensed that although matched betting was definitely a viable option, it was starting to become saturated to the point where every man and their dogs were starting matched betting websites up trying to tap into an ‘easy’ income stream.

So yes, we started a viable, and professional matched betting service, in fact most of our current social media still bears the hallmarks of what we created, and when we launched we had the intentions of becoming one of the largest of it’s kind on the internet.

We got off to a fantastic start, with many subscribers paying for our services, bit for one reason or another, which was usually down to a lack of time, we had to wind in our efforts. Life just got in the way, but before that, the feedback we were getting was absolutely fantastic, and people were making a lot of money with what we offered.

Here is the image for the heading of our services at the time:

who is profit matcher

As you can see, we were very much professional in what we did, and the intention was strong – to generate people a profit.

When we launched the website we had a lot of friends and family who started with us initially, and then as word of mouth spread it became obvious that we really were onto something, and after a few months we had a sustainable business in the matched betting niche, and Profit Matcher really came into it’s own.

You see, it is not really that difficult to make money from the internet when you really apply the effort, look at what is working and then try to be the best you can be, or if you are launching a product, ensuring that your product or service is also the best it can be.

Here is one of our advertising videos for the service:


Were our subscribers making money? You bet they were, we covered every angle to make sure that we had all the latest offers, and members were quickly makiing profits.

Here are a few screenshots from the original Profit Matcher Facebook page:

Profit Matcher Customer Profits

But as I said above, life got in the way, and we had to place the service on the back burner, but this proves that not only have we already run a service in this niche, but we know how to make people a profit.

Matched betting is still going strong today, albeit the restrictions that bookmakers are now starting to place on their customers is starting to limit the opportunties.

For example, to make a profit you now have a much increased situation regarding the free bet roll overs, because bookmakers are literally losing BILLIONS to matched betting, so they have taken action.

If you look around the internet when searching for ways to generate a home income, then on many of the student websites you will see that their number 1 income generator is ‘matched betting’, because it is easy, it does work, but more importantly, it does not take that much intelligence to set it up and get going.

But, there are definitely other areas where a profit can be made, so what we will be focusing on is what already works, what is working for others, and more importantly what is working right now, and today.

So although this Profit Matcher website will still recommend matched betting, we will also be looking at different products and services, and their merits when it comes to making a profit from the internet in general.

Stick with us, and if there are any products you may be interested in us taking a look at for you, then by all means throw us an email and we can look into it.

There are a few of us who will be running, and updating this website, and it should be fun 🙂

We really will be looking to match the people to the profits, which is our motto!

Speak soon,