Become a Betfair Scalper Review (BFScalper) What is Scalping?

​Introducing BFScalper. Whether you are new to gambling, or trading on Befair, chances are that you have heard about Betfair Scalping.  What is a Scalper?

A very well talked about course was launched a while ago that got a fair amount of people talking about it, and many people who were using it claimed they were making some good profits.

For anybody that already trades on Betfair, or has been researching Betfair trading, then you will probably have already come across the wording of the 'strategies' regarding scalping, because lots of people do it.


The difference is, that this course claims to actually teach you how to do it on a level that has not been taught before. Precise, and is a lot of detail.

Betfair Scalper and Scalping Review

​When you think about it, there are a lot of people who use Betfair as their platform of choice when looking to have a gamble, and it is well known that on the other side of the coin, there is a more professional niche of people who take it more seriously, and aim to make consistent profits.

Some traders make ther sole living from Betfair, and it is not difficult to see why - it is tax free!

So although these Betfair trading courses are not uncommon, some are definitely much better than others out there.

In fact, during our research for the Betfair Scalping Course, ​quite a few of the feedbacks and reviews we have found have claimed this to be the best Betfair trading course that has been created in the last ​20 years - quite a claim.

Choosing which one to invest in is a difficult question, which is why we are looking at this particular product, and will be look at others in the future.

​The concept of scalping is taking small amounts of profit from the available liquidity on Betfair. This means the money that other gamblers and traders are betting with.

The idea is that you take small, but consistent profits from this liquidity and 'push' it in y​our direction.

The end result being that you make a profit on a regular basis.

The BFScalper Course t​eaches members how to make those profits on a regular basis, using strategies that are taught on the course.

​Just to give you an example of some scalping, the following screenshot is an image from a set of scalp trades I just completed:

​The current price is 4.7 on this particular horse (I have already made my profit at this stage). And as the course teaches you, a trade was placed at 4.7, and another trade was placed at 4.6. The t​rade at 4.6 was myself selling the original 4.7 trade I placed, and the profit that I just made was the difference between 4.6 and 4.7.

In this case the profit was £3.26 as you can see from the left hand side of the screen, and even this profit I could have increased by taking the trade in play at no risk; again the course teaches you how to do this.

It is very similar to, say buying a chocolate bar for one price, and selling it for another price, and the profit you make between £4.70 and £4.60 is your profit, but with trading the profit is also dictated by the amount of money you stake/bet.

​Risk Free Scalping Profits with BFScalper

​The course also teaches you a method where you can make even more money by taking your existing profits in play to increase your profit even more.

What this situation creates is a no lose situation because you are essentially being given a free bet, so if the horse wins you make more profit from the scalps, and if the horse loses then you do not lose anything.

There are also screenshots in the members area of members do this, one guy made £370 I think it was on a single race doing this.

The course content is very detailed (the most detailed we have ever seen on such a course), and will take those with little, to no experience, and show them how to make a profit.

A lot of people trade on Betfair these days without the real direction required to make it pay for them, and this is where the course claims to help, and offers a helping hand in the practicalities of trading, as well as strategies and methodologies that teaches the same.

​Will Becoming a Betfair Scalper Make me a Profit?

​Well, we have read many of the online reviews around this scalping product, and the common theme seems to be that it is one of the best training courses out there in this subject, and the product itself does contain some detailed strategies.

We have also seen the seemingly endless amount of emails in the members area from other users on the scalping course, which detail their profits, and progression.

​There are also many reviews and customer comments around the internet from those who are participating in the course.

Here ​is just one comment that we found on one of the member videos where the member made £328.82 from using the course in just one day:

​There are a lot more screenshots on the videos similar to above, which is good to see, because it shows that you can see the success of other members on the course.

There is also a screenshot on one of the pages showing another member making £350+ on a single race, so there profits definitely look there to be made.

​What are The Profits with Scalping?

​The website states that you are looking at making a profit of between £30 and £50 from scalping whilst you are absorbing the content, and learning how it all works, which makes sense.

Then you can look to increase your profits by increasing your output as the screenshot above shows.

There is a video on the sales page of the​ vendors making £16 in one hour, which also states that this is more money than most people make in their regular jobs, which is a reasonable assumption, because it is.

I suspect that they have shown this to not overstate the earning potential, because in the scalping members area, the profits being made are pretty vast.

There are also examples of members making £300+ per day, as shown above.

​Also on the scalping sales page is a video showing some customer profits, and well as a ​Scalping Facebook page where the authors show many more examples of profits being made, and feedback being sent in from their customers.

There is also a Youtube channel which shows many more examples of profits being made. An example of which can be found underneath:

​In all honesty, we have rarely seen a product of this type that has so many positive reference points to follow, and the fact that the vendors are showing so much feedback before investing in the course is test​ament to how confident they are in the content.

What Does Betfair Scalping ​Course Contain?

The course itself (Of course we have looked at it) is extremely detailed, almost to the point of watching a progressive training course that starts with the basics, the software, etc. and then shows you from the beginning how to scalp the Betfair markets - and then some more, it just keeps going.

The Scalping Course contains over 7+ Hours of HD Video content.

​What is Scalping

​How, and What is Scalping

The Basic Scalping

Basic Scalping Strategies

​Advanced Scalping

Advanced Scalping Strategies​

​This Betfair Scalping Profits course is broken down into three main sections as already mentioned, and what these sections contain are as follows:

1) 45+ High definition (HD) videos totalling well over 7 hours of professional training
2) Live video showing ALL live trading examples​
3) How to set up the software​
4) How to use the course ​
5) Trading psychology ​
6) Explaining the basics of scalping
7) How profits are made
8) Betting banks and staking
9) Dealing with price movements
10) Using stop losses
11) Turning losses into profits
12) Proof of profits using Betfair profit and loss account
13) Proof of customer results​
14) Email video responses
15) Advanced scalping training
16) Filtering races for maximum profits
17) Creating a no lose scalping situation
18) How to create risk-free trading
19) Using higher stakes for higher profits ​
20) Compounding Profits​
21) Member Feedback Section ​

​What Do I Need to Start Scalping on Betfair?

​The website states that in order to scalp successfully using the course materials you will need the following:

  • Bet Angel software to complete the trades.
  • Betfair Account.
  • ​A decent internet connection

You will also need the time to ​learn the strategies, and this is highlighted right from the off, in a refreshing no BS fashion which I think many will not have come across before, but it really is great to see and hear somebody getting straight to the point on a course such as this.

The course content starts with explaining why this course will work, and exactly how to use it.

Now this is different to some of the other courses we have seen, because there is a video explaining what to do, when to do it, and how to use the training for maximum benefit.

The other valid point is that the course also advises you to avoid all the usual nonsense that is seen on the internet, again this is valid and makes a lot of sense.

​The B​FScalper Members Area

​The members area is far more detailed than you could imagine.

On entering you will see everything lined up, with a welcome video, expectation video, support video, and well as the personal trading psychology video, which is a must watch and really drills into you the importance of being the master of your own destination, instead of listening to failed traders.

Here is an image of the members area:


​The above is just one section of the members area, because as is already said on this page, there is around 7+ hours of video content, and at the time of writing, there is easily 50+ videos in the pages of content.

The scalping videos are very, very detailed, and leave no stone unturned. You will notice this straight away.  In fact, some of the key 'sentences/statements' that the author tries to drum into you are valid from the word go, and the main one being practice.

You might get a little bit tired of hearing it, but we think it shows real responsibility for the vendor that results will only come with the required amount of practice placed.

The course starts with the basics, why scalping works, and how it can be beneficial to those looking to make Betfair profits.

Basic Scalping Content.

​Just to give you an idea of the content, the first few basic scalping videos are as follows:

  • What is Basic Scalping.
  • Types of Scalping with Examples.
  • First Clarification of Scalping Methods​.
  • Entry and Exit Points.
  • Slow Motion Liquidity Example.
  • Accumulated Profits Example.
  • Incremental Price Points.
  • Prices Bouncing Off.
  • Avoid Horses Drifting.

And a lot more videos after this. The above is on the Basic Scalping Section.

Advanced Scalping Content.

On the Advanced section, the main top few videos are as follows, but it is stressed at the top of this page not to try the advanced strategies until the basics are mastered; again this makes a lot of sense, and shows responsibility.

  • Latest Recap Video.
  • Profit out of Nothing.
  • No Lose, Risk-Free Scalping.
  • Risk Free Profit on Three Horses.
  • Equalising The Markets.
  • £536 Profit in 1 Hour.
  • More High Stake Trading.
  • £106 Profit Made in 40 Minutes.

​There is also a new added Member Feedback Section, and this sections shows a lot of feedback from other users regarding their experience, and success, or any issues that they may be having at the time.

Member Feedback Section.

This is a good addition we feel because it means you are not on your own, and it is always good to see how others are getting on, especially asking questions that you may not feel comfortable asking yourself.

The authors of the course have answered the questions in video format, and these include:

  • 2 Member's Results After 5 Months.
  • Member Trading With Pure Profit in Just 2 Months.
  • Back From Holiday, Updates and Customer Profits.
  • Daily Profit Targets - A Customer Question.
  • A few Emails From Over The Weekend.
  • Customer Increases Betting Bank by 61% in First 20 days.
  • Customer Profits on Trap Trading.
  • Customer making £350 Per Week From The Course.

​What is Bet Angel Software?

​Put simply Bet Angel software is used to tap into Betfair, and to tap into your own Betfair account.

What happens is, the software replicates what you see on y​our account, and means that when you ​place a bet (or a trade as it is known) the software places the bet on your behalf, without logging into your Betfair account.

How does that work you might ask?

​The Bet Angel software already has your Betfair account password and access credentials, so any bet you place is then mirroed automatically to your account.

The main advantage of such software is that it is far quicker to trade/bet. As well as that advantage, the software also has features and benefits that just make trading much quicker, and is designed to work in a way that it offers features that your standard Betfair account does not, and will not offer.

Here is an example of what the Bet Angel software looks like. We will do a review on this software at some stage:

​As you can see from the software above, it is quite easy to understand.

You have the odds of the horses, the back and the lay side (winning and losing side, as you can bet on a horse to win, or lose). You also have the money ​matched at each price point (the odds, and how much people have bet at each odds), this is shown in orange on my settings.

Setting Up The Software For Scalping

The BFScalper course explains how to set everything up. In fact, there are just 3 settings to change from what I can remember, as I have had the course for about a month now.

You can also adjust the settings to make it easier to trade, and then save the settings. As you can see from above, I have the settings created and then chose my name (Richard) as the pre-set so now everytime I log onto the software I don't have to change anything.

The you simply decide what stakes you are looking to use whilst scalping the markets, and the software then automatically uses the settings you have chosen.

It is a very good ​piece of software f​or using with Betfair, and with scalping. This becomes obviously as you use the software because on the website you cannot scalp as they limit what you can do with their interface, so the software is definitely needed.

Let's look at the pros and cons of this Betfair Scalping Profits course:


​BFScalper Positives

  • ​Comprehensive and detailed course
  • ​Excellent reviews for the product
  • Very affordable price point
  • Suitable for Beginners and novices
  • Good support offered by the vendors
  • ​Money back guarantee offered
  • ​Professionally presented and explained
  • Good customer feedback

BFScalper Negatives

  • ​Takes time to learn
  • ​Mainly PC based
  • Hands on trading

​Conclusion on the Betfair ​​BFScalper Course

​Overall, the Betfair Scalping​ (BFScalper) course is a professionally presented course, which is rare to find these days. Not only that, but many reports are now available showing customers actually making some prety good profits with the strategies.

What we like about this particular course, is that it really does 'take you by the hand' and teach you something which many people are trying to learn, but more than that, it teaches you how to trade on Betfair in a profitable way.

We have no hesitation in recommending this product, we think it is one of those little gems, and for the low price ​that it is being offered for, it should definitely be on your purchase list if you are in any way interested in profiting from the Betfair market place.

Remember also, that any profits you make are tax free, which means that even if you already have a job, you do not need to declare any profits to the inland revenue.

The bottom line is, people are definitely making some very good money from Betfair, and as I referenced to earlier, some are full time.

The conclusion is, that this is one of the highest quality courses we have seen, and we have seen a few​; also the profits being made by members on the course are well documented.

In fact, just to show you a ​few images of ourselves trading a few races, using the strategies, ​I am going to partake in a couple of trades and hopefully make a profit. I will post the results below:

I completed the above trades just now whilst I was updating this review, and this was the first race I used the scalping strategies on today, which rendered me a £25.29 profit​. This race I took in play and increased my original profit by 40% just as the course teaches.

The very next race I did some more scalping, and made another profit, this time I made less profit, but this depends on your stakes, and the odds of the horses you are scalping:

As you can see another £6.10 made on the next race, which equals £31.39 from 2 consecutive races.

I will finish this review now, and do a little more scalping. As I said earlier, I have had the course for about 5 weeks, and I have not done that much scalping due to time, but I am still a couple of hundred quid up, so I will be looking to allocate more time to this, as it definitely works.

The Betfair Scalping ​Course is a quality product.

​For More Details Visit The Website Below: ​

Betfair Scalping Course (BFScalper)
  • 96%
    Content - 96%
  • 95%
    Quality - 95%
  • 95%
    Price - 95%
  • 100%
    Guarantee - 100%
  • 100%
    Support - 100%


This is the review for the Betfair Scalping (BFScalper) course, which teaches people how to make gains scalping the Betfair markets. It is well taught, and with a lot of quality.

11 thoughts to “Become a Betfair Scalper Review (BFScalper) What is Scalping?”

  1. Hi Richard, I have been looking for a scalping product like this for a while and found your site during my research. I know to become a scalper probably takes time to learn but how long did it take you to make a profit, and can you practice?

    1. Hey Brian, certainly I have studied this course, and as you say scalping does take time but as with anything once you have learned it it comes down to the practice, and once you join, this practice mentality is literally stated endlessly, but I see why because you are training to learn it but using the Betangel software you do have the practice mode that you talk about so this means you can learn to scalp for as long as you need to before you use real money.

      I had done this and that on trading before through my matched betting experience so I had a good understanding of what was what so to speak. It took me a few days to learn it and there are a lot of videos on the scalping coruse to get through but they are fun to watch actually and teach you what you need to know so all is good.

      Funnily enough I have been scalping a fair bit since I put the review up and started to take many of the races in play which is what they guys teach you, and this has made a very good additional to the profits. I will be doing an update shortly.

  2. I read about this on Twitter just this morning. Can you please advise me if I need any experience to be a scalper on this course. I have dabbled with some arbitrage before but never properly traded.

    Any help would be great.


  3. Susie, the course teaches you from the bottom up so I would say experience is not really required if you can follow what they teach.

    The course starts with how to work the software, then explains the basic concepts of scalping, so I would say no. It is quite a simple concept actually and even though I have done some Betfair trading before I would still say that even if I had not, then I could have followed the instructions on this fairly easily.

    Nicola (one of the other admins) is also having a go at this as well, and is practicing at the moment, but she likes it so far. No doubt she (Nicola) will stick her own 2 p’s worth on this page when she has started the scalping in a live environment, she has a strong opinion about mosts things 😉

  4. Brilliant product and even better support. It did take me a while to get it and learn it, but now I am doing quite well with it. A few areas of the teaching I had to ask for clarification but that was me being dim. I am definitely in profit now, and learning more all the time. I cannot thank Stuart enough for all his help and words of wisdom!

    Defo recommended

  5. Thanks for this review it convinced me to buy this course.

    I ordered Betfair Scalper on Friday night and have been watching the videos since. I am impressed with the content so far. I had a little issue with the candle charts when setting up which was my fault as I didn’t watch the video underneath – duh! and emailed Stuart last night, and got a response this mornng, on a Sunday!! That impressed me immediately as most do not even reply!!

    I can see straight away that this is the one I have been searching for, and I have already been practising a bit today with some good results but still learning.

    Thanks again.

    Mark Malone

    1. Perfectly executed course, over the weekend I traded and had 16 out of 17 wins and the other being a scratch. My strike rate is already at around 92% over the last 6 weeks, and although the profits I am making are conservative at this stage I am now well more confident to scale up my staking, which is currently at £20, I will be moving up in stakes this week to £50.

      Top notch course this one. Brian

  6. The best course on betfair trading there is. I already knew a bit about trading and this bf scalper course has taken me to a whole new level.

  7. Good review this,

    I have already bought bfscalper the course, in fact I bought it in February, and it is very comprehensive.

    It took me a couple of months to gain consistent results but with the help of Stuart I am now doing very well. Stuart’s a funny one, he is obviously excellent at what he does, and is great at teaching, but when you actualy talk to him, as I did on the phone yesterday he is a real funny guy, down to earth and had me in stitches on the phone, and in the end I forgot what I had phoned him up about I was laughing that much.

    On the trading side, he is really serious and has shown me a few things in emails that I just wouldn’t have thought about, real hidden gems of knowledge.

    Profits wise I am doing well also. Stuart mentions on the course that many of his members are in the 90% strike rates and I am one of them as well. I am not making bundles of money yet because I am being very cautious and learning slowly which Stuart also advises. That being said I made the money back from the course by the end of around 6 weeks because I had started with £5 stakes from week 3.

    I am probably making between £10 and £20 per day as it stands which adds up over a month and pays a few bills, and that is just to £10 stakes now. I am planning on increasing this to £20 stakes by the end of the week, which should mean £20 to £30 profits a day on average.

    There are members making a lot more and Stuart shows these off in the member website by way of videos and he discusses ways to help members at length inside the course, and that is very good to see and shows us all what is possible. The video critiques are invaluable as members will send videos in and Stuart goes through the trading with them to show us all, and I have learned so much from that. What he teaches works extremely well, then it is just up to us to follow through which I fully intend to do.

    My overall aim is to be making around £100 a day, and if everything goes as it has so far, I should have reached that by the end of the year. The course is something I would for sure recommend to anybody. There has obviously been a lot of time and effort gone into making it as easy as possible to learn, and Stu really is a master teacher on the course which becomes evident early on.

    Probably the best purchase I ever made online,



  8. A very honest review. If you are looking for quick money and think it will roll in like matched betting from products like Odds Monkey, Profit Maximiser etc – think again. I believe that the majority of people are those who have blasted the backside out of matched betting, have had their accounts limited and are in that position of having cash but unable to place bets. Bookmakers are brilliant at spotting an arber, bonus hunter, matched bettor through their software. However, they appear not to be able to spot gamblers who have real problems and are throwing away money that they can ill-afford to lose. Lose £1,000 in one hour on their online casino …………- no problem. Keep coming back sir.

    Those who have made money with products mentioned above, know full well that unless they are savvy casino bonus hunters who use EV tools (estimated value), another income stream is required or it is back to the 9-5 rat.

    This course is the most comprehensive out there, and you really need to have a look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself a few questions. Do you think that paying £500.00 plus for a days training with a so-called guru will qualify you as a trader and you will make a living almost overnight? I believe you know the answer to that. Trading/scalping is a skill. It requires patience, determination and adherence to discipline. If you do not have it or you honestly believe you cannot attain it, then do not buy the course. If you do buy the course, prepared to learn then you will 100% have the tools to be a full-time BF trader.

    Do wish to point out that one trader (video in the members section) made just over £3,500 on one race!!!!

    This course is very detailed and will consume a lot of your time in practicing, reading, watching the videos etc….

    the choice is yours….. , but consider this.

    Married Police Officer on top wage (£40,000 PA) will take home around £84.00 per day for 365 days .
    Married Chief Inspector on top wage (£59,200 PA) will take home around £117.00 per day for 365 days.

    I have not included their pension deductions which would reduce they daily take home pay.

    Married and earn £100,000 a year? ………….. take home daily pay is £182 for 365 days.

    Earn the average UK wage as of the date of this e-mail which is apparently £28,677 F/Time and your take home pay (assuming they are married) is ……………… £63.11 for 365 days

    I think you are getting the picture.

    Pros –

    High likelihood of this becoming a full-time career, flexibility in your life, tax free (unsure about NI), potential to earn a very good income, ability to tell your boss (if you hate them) to F right off.


    Betfair premium tax (Betdaq – less liquidity), work comradery, no sick pay, you only earn when you work, no holiday pay, no horse racing (foot and mouth) = no income.

    I can live with the cons.

    1. Hi Tony, excellent posting, and agree with your thoughts.

      Regardng the premium tax, of coruse you will probably know that is when you have made a decent amount of profit (£250K for the higher tax), and as with anything, there is always a little tax to pay somewhere 🙂

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